CEEDS (Center for the Environmental, Ecological Design, & Sustainability)

I created these three logos to be used in repeating newsletters for Smith College's environmental department. (From left to right) the logos represent the CEEDS space, the Geothermal Project, & Smith Cycle.

Juniper Ceramics

Juniper is a ceramist whose pieces can be described as whimsical and quaint. Juniper sells their pieces as a side hobby in student art fairs and other events. I designed their logo to incorporate their pet bunny named Olive, earth tones, and a whimsical vibe which matches their pottery.

Kvadrat Really

Kvadrat Really is a sub-brand of Kvadrat that produces sustainable materials and products made from recycled textiles. The aim of the brand is to reduce textile waste and promote a circular economy by creating high-quality products from end-of-life textiles that would otherwise be discarded as waste. In my Graphic Design Studio Foundations class in Copenhagen, I was tasked to redesign the company’s visual identity... [Read More]

Full Spectrum Family Medical

Using sketches provided for me, I digitized logos for a client interested in creating a medical clinic specialized in family medicine. This is an ongoing project. When finished, Full Spectrum Family Medical or FSFM will be located in Phoenix, Arizona.